Border Planting Scheme, Beckenham

Naturalistic and colourful mixed border planting day.

Pond with pebble and grit beach, Ajuga, Juniper, and Erigeron planted.

Silver/ red end section.

View from edge of patio.

Most of border, back towards house.

After a day of alkanet and other weed removal, and consultation with my client over the style required, it was time to plant up. The client basically wanted a mixed shrub/ herbaceous border with a naturalistic and colourful look.

I planted Ajuga reptans, Erigeron and Juniperus by the pond, as well as laying a pebble mini beach. Salvia, Persicaria, Dicentra, Geum Totally Tangerine Euphorbia purpurea, Physocarpus, Carex testacea make up the warm, mainly purple/ orange section nearest the house.

On the other side of the Acanthus the colour scheme becomes more red and silver with Rose Guinee, Geum Mrs Bradshaw, Salvia Royal Bumble, Pennisetum, Stipa Gigantea, Perovskia, Polygonatum, more Euphorbia Carex Oshimensis Everest and Spiraea japonica.

I am looking forward to see this scheme establish and bloom over the coming seasons.

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