Intricate Family and Wildlife Garden in Lewisham

Turning a small square urban garden into a tranquil wildlife haven with space for family entertaining and growing produce built in.

Design drawing


When the clients had finally finished doing up the interior of their house, they realised they didn’t want to go outside due to the garden being scruffy, dilapidated and unwelcoming.

Happily the clients had definite requirements including re-shaped back border, vegetable patch, lawn, large pond, and wildlife friendly planting. Landscaper Nigel Pinks and I came up with a design that incorporated all these elements into a tranquil family space, with an additional sunny square patio by the pond, and year round berry, flower, stem and foliage interest.

Nigel has landscaped the whole garden, including erecting new fencing, building a curved retaining wall, and square patio in the same reclaimed bricks. When the planting and final touches are complete, I will post updates, including some planting details and client feedback.

Have tools, will travel!