Patio and Border Redesign

Creating a more spacious, safer and accessible patio area for a young family.

A young family currently have a narrow mish mash of levels and weeds, with crazy paving and random breezeblocks in situ.

The proposal is to open out the patio to one level, with wide steps for easy access to the lawn, and a removable ramp for kids on wheels.

The long border in the side return will be removed to create more space, along with a lilac tree that is tipping towards the lean-to roof.

My first job will be to clear the bindweed, sedge and other weeds, as well as pruning overgrown shrubs, to assess what’s growing, and what can be planted.

Watch this space more more design drawings and ongoing projects. There will hopefully be some dramatic Before and After shots of various gardens over the next few months.

Have tools, will travel!