Quick Front Garden Makeover

Quick revamp: clearing weeds and litter, tidying and moving what's already there.

Shaped shrubs and skimmia from pavement

Skimmia and irises moved into gaps cut into berberis hedge.

Shrubs pruned and thinned.

‘Before’ photo of messy pyracanthus and skimmia corner

‘Before’ view of shrubs and gravel.

I had freedom to improve this weedy shrubby gravel garden how I liked.

I pruned and shaped the berberis and pyracanthus hedges and thinned and rounded the spiraeas and hebe.

Gravel was cleared of trailing weeds and litter, and the poorly skimmia moved from the corner into the space in the middle of the front hedge, with plenty of leaf mould dug in at the base.

Finally pruned and shaped the hydrangea in the corner, and divided the irises so there will be blooms on either side of the skimmia, at the front.

Next phase includes planting allium and agapanthus bulbs, plus Japanese anemones, antirrhinum and erysimum for summer colour. Client is happy with progress so far.

Have tools, will travel!