Australasian/ Oriental/ Mediterranean Planting

Exotic and Mediterranean planting for structural, foliage and flower interest. See instagram @thepengegardener for further details.

View to left from patio

Acer, Lorepetalum and Trachycarpus fortunei in far left corner.

Right hand sunny border

Left hand mainly shady border

Shady border towards house

This interesting London garden already contained three New Zealand Tree Ferns (Dicksonia antarctica), four small acers, a magnolia and a tall cordyline. I followed the styles of this garden with a trachycarpus palm, Magnolia stellata and tall acer for structure, Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bignonoides) for shade; plus: hibiscus, chaenomeles, cistus, potentilla, hydrangea Limelight, lorepetalum and callistemon for colour and athyrium and osmanthus

Three tree ferns doing well in sheltered London garden.

for foliage interest.

Watch this space for updates on how the planting matures.

Have tools, will travel!