From Weeds to Turf in Under Six Hours

Soil cultivation and turfing in East Dulwich.

Weeds, hillocks, patchy grass, and rubble.

First stage of weeding and levelling complete.

More weeding, rubble removal, compost spreading and raking in.

Progress – only a few odd shapes to cut.

Pretty much done.

After a final water.

Weeding, digging over, levelling, removing rubble, spreading compost, tilthing and turfing – a productive morning in Dulwich. Luckily the soil is quite crumbly (partly due to all the weeds, plus builders’ rubble) so digging was not too strenuous.

Rolls were butted up snugly to ensure no gaps appear, and soil banked up round the edges to prevent drying out. My client has strict instructions on watering and aftercare.

Hopefully my client will give me the go-ahead for some planting. The next phase is gravelling along the previously weed-infested side return.

Have tools, will travel!