Hardy Tropical: Young Professionals’ Party Garden

Lush colour and structure for young professionals' party and lounging space.

Woodland corner planting.

Right hand border back towards house.

Right hand border including mature Pieris, Hellebores and Physocarpus.

Central view

Phoenix canariensis, Leucantho and Cercis.

Left hand border back towards house.

Arbutus unedo and Pieris in left border.

Trachycarpus fortunei, left border and patio.

I had free rein and a realistic budget to plant this garden how I liked. Reflecting on the young clients who love to host barbecues and play boules and swingball, I went for a playful but low maintenance tropical paradise planting scheme, with a hardy UK twist.

The builders who were renovating my clients’ flat built the timber pergola, and decking using IroTimber, Driftwood finish, on my recommendation. There is remote controlled lighting and the benches also provide storage space.

The main feature trees are a huge Trachycarpus palm, a Cercis canadensis by the pergola and an attractive Arbutus unedo (Strawberry tree) for year round colour and interest. Colourful shrubs on the left border include Nandina domestica, Leucanthoe and Pieris, plus Rosemarinus prostratus and yellow for softening the edges of the planter. Climbers for the trellis include H. Petiolaris, Akebia quinata, and Passiflora. Both borders are interspersed with white and purple Agapanthus, and orange and lime Kniphofia for some tropical colour and structure.

The right hand border is slightly shadier so the planting reflects this, with Lorepetalum chinensis and Physocarpus for foliage colour, Hellebores and Japanese anemones provide year round blooms plus fuchsias, crocosmia, agapanthus and a Magnolia stellata which was already in situ.

Finally I planted a bright, fragrant Choisiya ternata to screen the compost bin, plus Crocosmia, Brunnera, Arum italicum and Athyrium nipponicum for a natural woodland scheme in the far right corner.

I will post further updates when the garden is more established in the spring.

Have tools, will travel!