Japanese Inspired Garden in Anerley

Traditional lawn, patio and shed with Japanese planting and styling. For other recent projects see my Instagram feed: @thepengegardener (Link on home page).

Calming boulder and gravel section.

My clients had both lived in Japan so wanted a suburban garden with shed and lawn, but with a Japanese twist including gravel, planting and boulders.

I came up with a design based on their brief, and sourced plants, gravel, pebbles and boulders from The Japanese Garden Centre near Tonbridge. The plants they supplied were a cloud pruned Picea, two Pinus mugos, and an Acer palmatum ‘Crimson Queen’. Planting, gravelling and rockery styling was a collaborative effort. I recommended the ‘Pebble’ shade for the fence, and the clients chose the dark grey for the shed and bamboo filled planter.

Overall a harmonious blend of East and West was achieved.

Have tools, will travel!