Planting Plans and Small Landscaping Projects

Small-scale hard landscaping projects and planting design, planning, sourcing and planting services. See Instagram: @thepengegardener for more details.

Lawn turfed, gravel laid and bay pruned. Planting next.

Gravelled section, turfed lawn in background

Designing planting plans and drawing up estimates

Four slab paver section laid on right.

Just showing some of my non-manual work – in this case planning low maintenance conifer and shrub planting, for an East Dulwich garden I have gravelled and turfed. Soil preparation was key in both the turfing and gravelling phases, as all weeds had to be eradicated, soil dug over, and compost/ mesh added in each job, respectively.

I have also shown a small paving job I did recently in Nunhead, again where the preparation of the slabs was key: removing grass and weeds, digging in sand and ballast, compacting, levelling and gravelling to ensure stable paving.

Please feel free to contact me re any projects like this, including those where a design consultation and/ or scale design drawing is required.

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