Suburban Garden For All Seasons

My planting includes oriental shapes and textures, and colour all year round, in this lively but harmonious suburban garden.

Acer, Cercis, Broom, grasses and Pittosporum in left hand corner.

Right hand shady border, far end.

Acers, hydrangea, Cercis and grasses in sun and shade.

Garden borders from raised patio.

I designed and planted the front half of this Sydenham garden in collaboration with the clients. They dug the curved borders for a flowing interesting shape, and I built on the themes of their existing acers, gauras and grasses. Planting includes weeping crabapple Malus Royal Beauty, a Pinus Mugo transplanted from a container, and Cercis canadensis, Amelanchier larkmanii and Eriobotrya (Loquat) as specimen trees. Grasses include Calamagrostis Karl Foerster, Pennisetum Fairy Tales and Carex Oshimensis Everest, grouped with Gauras and Allium schaeparolum bulbs.

Winter interest is provided by three varieties of Hellebores plus Sarcococcas confusa and ruscifolia. Acers and the Cercis are currently displaying autumn colour, and narcissi and crocus along with the Malus and Amelanchier will give spring blooms. Summer flowers include Verbena bonariensis, Leucanthemum, Nepeta, Hydrangeas and Agapanthus.

New plants were supplied by Provender Nurseries. I will start work on the rear woodland section of the garden later this year.

Have tools, will travel!