Sunny and Shady Planting Schemes in Large Family Garden

New plants and moving existing ones to create harmonious and healthy displays. See Instagram: @thepengegardener for 'Before' photos.

Sunny border towards house.

Astelia and L. chinensis near house.

V. opulus behind left hand sofa.

C. armandii planted behind hibiscus and azaleas in situ.

Rhododendrons planted near house.

Third visit to this pleasant mature family garden, surrounded by trees. First was pruning, weeding and assessing what was there. Second visit involved removing, dividing and transplanting existing shrubs and perennials to provide a more cohesive and evenly spaced planting scheme. This third visit involved planting both borders, mulching, more transplanting and finally bagging up raked leaves to make mulch.

Planted in sunny border: Astelia, Lorepetalum chinensis, Prunus cerasifera nigra, Lonicera, and potentilla. Shady border: Rhododendrons Flimmer and Bernstein, Clematis armandii; behind patio wall: Viburnum opulus.

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