Turfing a Fabulous Playground Garden

Turfing quirky and interesting landscaped garden in atrocious conditions.

Clients need to stay off the lawn for a few weeks, till roots establish and soil drains.

More views of the other landscape features to follow.

Short lived sunshine was not enough to dry the new lawn out.

Attempting to create tilth. Topsoil and grit dug in but rain and snow made things worse.

Thank goodness for wheelbarrows.

Mud and weeds.

This new garden is a creative labour of love full of different shapes, materials, levels and details. But the previous owners hadn’t lived there for two years so it’s very neglected. First phase was weeding, tilthing and turfing the main lawn area – not easy with saturated clay in rain, sleet and snow. Further updates including clearing and planting to follow.

Have tools, will travel!